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Emerald Lake – A Little Patch of Europe on our Doorstep

A typical winter day in the Dandenongs – cold but clear, and the rain stayed away.  This map has a bit of everything from pockets of tall native trees to a patch of very European deciduous forest, plus the numerous tracks that follow the railway line, and of course the lake, bridges, and waddling ducks.  […]

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Get Messy at MelbushO – Hawkstowe Park and Morang Wetlands, Sunday April 29

Just under 200 people enjoyed a fabulous day at Hawkstowe Park.  The picnic area was a picture with all the autumn foliage on show.  Most courses took competitors into the complex Morang Wetlands, a new part of the map. Great use was made of small gaps in fences, oddly shaped lakes, and some steep embankments, […]

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MelbushO Back for 2018 – Cardinia Reservoir, April 8

With temperatures reaching a sizzling 30 degrees, fitness was the key to success at Cardinia Reservoir, as all courses tackled a considerable number of contours.  It also paid to avoid the green, and to look for tracks and clearings, to speed up progress; the red line was not always the fastest option.  Great to see […]

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