MelbushO and VicBushO in July

Orienteering at Plenty South – Sunday July 23

Plenty South – a fantastic sunny day, with plenty of kangaroos spotted.  Andras set excellent courses which challenged us physically, gave us lots of route choice, and encouraged the less experienced navigators to try some cross country legs, and build their skills.

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Orienteering at the You Yangs – Sunday 30 July

A double-header event with a difference, just an hour from central Melbourne, brought to you by the combined efforts of the Nillumbik Emus and Bayside Kangaroos.  The granite of the You Yangs will be the venue for VicBush 3 (part of the MelBush series), and simultaneously for the second MTBO state event of 2017.

So MTBO-ers – bring your runners as well as your bike! And MelBush-ers, consider putting a bike on your car. No obligation, but if you want, it should be possible to do both events.

For VicBush, start any time between 10am and 11.30; for MTBO start between 11.30 and 1pm. All courses closing at 2.30pm.

VicBush choice of 4 courses – long hard 5.5km, short hard 4.8km, moderate 3.5km or easy 2.8km. All enter on the day.

MTBO – 4 state series courses (34km, 27km, 23km or 12km) plus the option of a 2-hour score course, a great introduction for the less experienced – pre-entry via Eventor preferred. There will also be a free 2km course for youngsters suitable for push-along bikes.

Contact Greg re the VicBush 0415 484 699,
or Ron re the MTBO 0418 994 841.

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