Emerald Lake – A Little Patch of Europe on our Doorstep

A typical winter day in the Dandenongs – cold but clear, and the rain stayed away.  This map has a bit of everything from pockets of tall native trees to a patch of very European deciduous forest, plus the numerous tracks that follow the railway line, and of course the lake, bridges, and waddling ducks.  Puffing Billy’s whistle through the trees competed with the bird calls.  A very enjoyable way to stay warm!

Results   Splits

The next MelbushO will be at Candlebark Park in Eltham on Sunday July 1 – but note the start is in Westerfolds Park on the west side of Fitzsimons Lane.  Take the main entrance into the park and follow orienteering signs north towards the river.

Choose any of the four courses – Long Hard, Short Hard, Moderate or Easy.  Register and pay on the day, any time between 10am-11.30pm, with courses closing at 1pm.  Adults $10, juniors (u21) $5.  Electronic “sportident” timing will be used; your entry fee includes loan of a timing device, as well as a full colour map, coaching, and refreshments.

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