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Banksia Park, September 10 2017

DSC_0352 (800x366) IMG_0363 (800x794) IMG_0364 (800x497) IMG_0368 (657x800) DSC_0354 (461x800) IMG_0370 (581x800) DSC_0331 (800x663) DSC_0333 (778x800) DSC_0334 (725x800) DSC_0337 (800x536) DSC_0341 (766x800) DSC_0350 (800x714) DSC_0322 (800x584) DSC_0324 (800x781) DSC_0330 (800x485) IMG_0377 (600x800) DSC_0315 (561x800) DSC_0317 (800x679)

IMGP4541 (565x800) IMGP4524 (752x800) IMGP4519 (601x800) IMGP4512 (800x532) IMGP4500 (750x800) IMGP4508 (800x542) IMGP4492 (800x572) IMGP4481 (800x532) IMGP4477 (781x800)

IMGP4527 (775x800) IMGP4529 (800x771) IMGP4530 (572x800) IMGP4531 (742x800) IMGP4535 (800x733) IMGP4536 (800x744) IMGP4539 (726x800) IMGP4542 (800x671) IMGP4544 (702x800) IMGP4547 (588x800) IMGP4548 (523x800) IMGP4549 (800x577) IMGP4551 (800x608) IMGP4545 (800x622) IMGP4532 (800x676)

IMGP4486 (800x696) IMGP4488 (628x800) IMGP4494 (800x678) IMGP4497 (602x800) IMGP4501 (800x532) IMGP4503 (800x564) IMGP4507 (800x532) IMGP4510 (800x661) IMGP4511 (701x800) IMGP4514 (776x800) IMGP4516 (628x800) IMGP4518 (615x800) IMGP4520 (478x800) IMGP4521 (630x800) IMGP4522 (678x800)

Woodlands, August 20 2017

IMGP4428 (662x800) IMGP4429 (639x800) IMGP4430 (800x742) IMGP4433 (569x800) IMGP4434 (662x800) IMGP4435 (729x800) IMGP4437 (800x682)  IMGP4440 (516x800) IMGP4443 (702x800) IMGP4445 (800x602) IMGP4446 (800x749) IMGP4449 (729x800) IMGP4450 (800x676) IMGP4452 (601x800) IMGP4456 (800x800) IMGP4457 (691x800)IMGP4460 (681x800)IMGP4461 (800x773)IMGP4462 (800x624)IMGP4466 (800x647)IMGP4471 (686x800)IMGP4473 (800x685)IMGP4474 (543x800)IMGP4475 (519x800)IMGP4472 (692x800)IMGP4459 (800x532)IMGP4463 (569x800)IMGP4455 (607x800)IMGP4454 (800x699)IMGP4427 (779x800)IMGP4432 (739x800)IMGP4436 (588x800)IMGP4442 (679x800)IMGP4447 (800x625) DSC_0267 (800x537)DSC_0271 (700x800)DSC_0275 (800x656)DSC_0282 (800x506)DSC_0294 (800x777)DSC_0296 (800x536)DSC_0299 (747x800)DSC_0308 (718x800)IMG_0285 (600x800)IMG_0286 (600x800)IMG_0288 (570x800)DSC_0241 (586x800)DSC_0246 (800x406)DSC_0253 (726x800)DSC_0236 (800x748)DSC_0238 (800x635)

You Yangs, July 30 2017

DSC_0229 (1024x1021) DSC_0198 (1024x769) DSC_0200 (1024x687) DSC_0202 (1024x686) DSC_0205 (1024x686) DSC_0230 (1024x687) DSC_0232 (687x1024) DSC_0233 (1024x686) DSC_0193 (1024x857) DSC_0190 (1024x687)

DSC_0223 (1024x882) DSC_0206 (1024x687) DSC_0207 (1024x687) DSC_0210 (872x1024) DSC_0215 (1024x686) DSC_0217 (1024x758) DSC_0219 (1024x687) DSC_0220 (1024x895) DSC_0225 (1024x882) DSC_0196 (1024x686)

Plenty South, July 23 2017

20170723_083148 (709x800) DSC_8080 (800x673) DSC_8097 (800x445) DSC_8136 (535x800) _DSC8274 (652x800) _DSC8261 (692x800) _DSC8201 (644x800) _DSC8168 (800x774) _DSC8153 (800x640) _DSC8157 (800x735) _DSC8152 (512x800)

_DSC8241 (434x800) _DSC8242 (532x800) _DSC8248 (618x800) _DSC8249 (663x800) _DSC8252 (539x800) _DSC8253 (538x800) _DSC8223 (653x800) _DSC8255 (548x800) _DSC8259 (656x800) _DSC8260 (622x800) _DSC8264 (634x800) _DSC8265 (670x800) _DSC8270 (740x800) _DSC8271 (643x800) _DSC8272 (611x800) _DSC8275 (775x800) _DSC8276 (745x800)

_DSC8169 (699x800) _DSC8181 (535x800) _DSC8186 (535x800) _DSC8187 (535x800) _DSC8190 (493x800) _DSC8191 (535x800) _DSC8192 (535x800) _DSC8199 (629x800) _DSC8204 (715x800) _DSC8214 (618x800) _DSC8219 (621x800) _DSC8221 (536x800) _DSC8226 (466x800) _DSC8229 (528x800) _DSC8240 (535x800)


IMGP4224 (1024x641) IMGP4217 (1024x835) IMGP4220 (962x1024) IMGP4221 (1024x883) IMGP4208 (956x1024) IMGP4211 (1024x791) IMGP4215 (1024x927)

IMGP4237 (1024x995) IMGP4225 (1024x803) IMGP4227 (1024x697) IMGP4233 (1024x795) IMGP4234 (1024x895) IMGP4235 (682x1024) IMGP4223 (789x1024)

DSC_0175 (1024x949) DSC_0183 (687x1024) DSC_0161 (940x1024) DSC_0141 (1024x941) DSC_0150 (1024x887) DSC_0136 (920x1024) DSC_0098 (1024x687) DSC_0099 (745x1024)

DSC_0158 (661x1024) DSC_0163 (894x1024) DSC_0167 (1024x725) DSC_0168 (1024x1024) DSC_0172 (1024x994) DSC_0178 (1024x1022) DSC_0181 (1024x885) DSC_0101 (1024x898)

DSC_0102 (1024x869) DSC_0105 (1024x805) DSC_0112 (1024x677) DSC_0115 (1010x1024) DSC_0120 (1024x496) DSC_0125 (1024x580) DSC_0127 (1024x930) DSC_0131 (1024x802) DSC_0132 (1024x922) DSC_0138 (836x1024) DSC_0139 (1024x875) DSC_0142 (946x1024) DSC_0144 (1024x759) DSC_0145 (1024x869) DSC_0155 (798x1024) DSC_0156 (1024x1011)

Brimbank Park, July 2 2017

DSC_0076 (800x343) DSC_0085 (800x784) DSC_0089 (800x569) DSC_0091 (800x446) DSC_0094 (800x650) DSC_0012 (800x704) DSC_0014 (800x628) DSC_0020 (700x800) DSC_0005 (800x413) DSC_0007 (800x537)

DSC_0041 (800x300) DSC_0043 (800x537) DSC_0052 (800x536) DSC_0054 (800x619) DSC_0055 (800x604) DSC_0059 (800x539) DSC_0023 (800x713) DSC_0031 (800x536) DSC_0037 (800x464) DSC_0040 (800x546) DSC_0061 (800x562) DSC_0066 (800x740) DSC_0068 (800x719) DSC_0070 (800x745) DSC_0073 (800x517) DSC_0074 (800x691)

Eltham Lower Park, June 18 2017

DSC_0103 (766x1024) DSC_0114 (1024x870) DSC_0096 (843x1024) DSC_0117 (1024x722)

DSC_0066 (1024x950) DSC_0068 (1024x962) DSC_0038 (843x1024) DSC_0042 (1024x576) DSC_0074 (1024x849) DSC_0078 (1024x933) DSC_0081 (1024x912) DSC_0084 (1024x893) DSC_0085 (1024x788) DSC_0088 (924x1024) DSC_0093 (877x1024) DSC_0033 (1024x1006)

DSC_0048 (1024x935) DSC_0049 (1024x734) DSC_0050 (1024x533) DSC_0056 (1024x876) DSC_0059 (1024x930) DSC_0060 (1024x1007) DSC_0065 (1024x843) DSC_0045 (874x1024) DSC_0035 (1024x898) DSC_0036 (951x1024)

Yellow Gum Park, May 7 2017

IMGP4001 (754x800) IMGP4002 (778x800) IMGP4004 (800x599) IMGP4007 (765x800) IMGP4010 (705x800) IMGP4011 (797x800) IMGP4012 (793x800) IMGP4015 (800x532) IMGP4016 (800x703) IMGP4021 (756x800) IMGP4022 (618x800) IMGP4023 (800x634) IMGP4027 (696x800) IMGP4031 (651x800) IMGP4032 (800x698) IMGP4036 (800x786) IMGP4037 (800x709) IMGP4041 (800x632) IMGP4042 (800x735) IMGP4045 (800x797) IMGP4046 (800x637) IMGP4048 (800x760) IMGP4049 (800x700) IMGP4051 (683x800) IMGP4052 (800x707) IMGP4054 (800x689) IMGP4055 (800x785) IMGP4059 (800x747) IMGP4061 (800x747) IMGP4063 (588x800) IMGP4067 (800x705) IMGP4069 (800x656) IMGP4071 (800x757) IMGP4072 (746x800) IMGP4075 (791x800) IMGP4076 (715x800) IMGP4078 (800x568) IMGP4079 (800x684) IMGP4081 (619x800) IMGP4082 (800x650) IMGP4085 (800x781) IMGP4087 (800x631) IMGP4088 (657x800) IMGP4092 (800x703) IMGP4094 (701x800)   IMGP4097 (723x800)  IMGP4089 (800x579) IMGP4084 (406x800) IMGP4086 (800x585) IMGP4080 (800x798) IMGP4073 (800x559) IMGP4077 (800x746) IMGP4070 (528x800)  IMGP4066 (800x558) IMGP4057 (577x800) IMGP4053 (720x800)  IMGP4047 (800x797) IMGP4050 (800x538) IMGP4043 (661x800) IMGP4040 (800x532) IMGP4028 (752x800) IMGP4034 (800x653) IMGP4024 (800x647) IMGP4014 (707x800) IMGP4019 (600x800) IMGP4009 (800x749) IMGP3998 (800x760) IMGP4006 (800x626) IMGP3994 (800x475) IMGP3992 (708x800) IMGP3988 (587x800) IMGP3991 (800x746)

IMGP3989 (704x800) IMGP3990 (800x751) IMGP3993 (547x800) IMGP3995 (800x532) IMGP3997 (800x764)DSC_0015 (800x474)DSC_0016 (800x537)DSC_0025 (800x753)DSC_0026 (800x612)DSC_0028 (800x684)DSC_0001 (800x694)DSC_0003 (800x537)DSC_0005 (800x537)DSC_0013 (800x743)DSC_0020 (800x723)

Wellington Chase, Lysterfield, March 26 2017

IMGP3534 (596x800) IMGP3502 (800x795) IMGP3503 (800x699) IMGP3504 (724x800) IMGP3505 (800x679) IMGP3507 (485x800) IMGP3509 (687x800) IMGP3511 (800x532) IMGP3512 (709x800) IMGP3515 (512x800) IMGP3517 (800x780) IMGP3520 (800x706) IMGP3522 (652x800) IMGP3524 (663x800) IMGP3528 (493x800) IMGP3529 (606x800) IMGP3531 (405x800) IMGP3532 (619x800) IMGP3536 (800x784) IMGP3538 (729x800) IMGP3539 (800x764) IMGP3533 (592x800) IMGP3535 (800x532) IMGP3525 (521x800) IMGP3530 (540x800) IMGP3519 (800x707) IMGP3523 (800x532) IMGP3514 (650x800) IMGP3506 (800x798) IMGP3510 (792x800) IMGP3497 (800x532) IMGP3499 (800x568) IMGP3496 (800x532)

DSC_0103 (537x800) DSC_0110 (537x800) DSC_0124 (501x800) DSC_0125 (433x800) DSC_0134 (800x692) DSC_0137 (537x800) DSC_0141 (800x711) DSC_0143 (537x800) DSC_0145 (800x548) DSC_0148 (521x800) DSC_0100 (800x537) DSC_0119 (663x800)

Sparrow Ground, Ballarat, March 12 2017

DSC_0053 (441x800) DSC_0033 (588x800) DSC_0001 (800x766) DSC_0045 (468x800) DSC_0061 (539x800) DSC_0092 (800x660) DSC_0080 (592x800) DSC_0094 (537x800) DSC_0087 (800x536) DSC_0078 (542x800) DSC_0066 (780x800) DSC_0077 (547x800) DSC_0024 (553x800) DSC_0086 (580x800) DSC_0034 (594x800) DSC_0015 (722x800) DSC_0099 (537x800) DSC_0043 (800x495) DSC_0076 (585x800) DSC_0017 (648x800) DSC_0011 (537x800) DSC_0082 (650x800) DSC_0073 (578x800) DSC_0058 (650x800) DSC_0021 (658x800) DSC_0039 (752x800) DSC_0013 (800x575) DSC_0055 (711x800) DSC_0036 (795x800) DSC_0047 (630x800) DSC_0068 (650x800) DSC_0027 (624x800) DSC_0048 (719x800) DSC_0051 (698x800) DSC_0064 (647x800) DSC_0030 (743x800) DSC_0010 (800x692)