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Yanakie Block, July 29

DSC_0215 (800x536) DSC_0247 (800x537) IMG_2795 (800x676) IMG_2796 (704x800) DSC_0230 (800x678) DSC_0233 (800x536) DSC_0235 (800x536) DSC_0238 (800x560) DSC_0242 (800x626) DSC_0245 (771x800) DSC_0214 (800x654) DSC_0217 (800x536) DSC_0219 (800x626) DSC_0222 (800x537) DSC_0228 (800x537) DSC_0208 (707x800) DSC_0213 (800x651)

Woodlands, July 15

DSC_0151 (800x759) DSC_0157 (800x655) DSC_0192 (800x602) DSC_0195 (800x537) DSC_0197 (792x800) DSC_0200 (800x625) DSC_0203 (800x693) DSC_0161 (800x661) DSC_0170 (800x598) DSC_0186 (800x537) DSC_0187 (757x800) DSC_0190 (800x782) DSC_0165 (800x704) DSC_0168 (774x800) DSC_0174 (800x537) DSC_0176 (649x800) DSC_0179 (800x744) DSC_0183 (765x800) DSC_0184 (800x725) DSC_0143 (722x800) DSC_0146 (800x720) DSC_0149 (504x800) DSC_0153 (800x747) DSC_0140 (800x778) DSC_0141 (722x800) DSC_0137 (800x679)

Candlebark Park, July 1

DSC_0112 (600x448) DSC_0093 (600x514) DSC_0126 (375x600) DSC_0113 (600x471) DSC_0114 (600x402) DSC_0120 (600x462) DSC_0127 (600x282) DSC_0081 (600x447) DSC_0096 (600x403) DSC_0101 (600x402) DSC_0103 (600x402) DSC_0057 (600x516) DSC_0060 (600x398) DSC_0064 (600x402) DSC_0074 (474x600) DSC_0039 (600x403) DSC_0042 (375x600) DSC_0048 (496x600) DSC_0050 (600x542)

Hawkstowe Park, April 29 2018

2008-01-01 13.27.43 (600x538) 2008-01-01 13.30.31 (453x600) 2008-01-01 13.32.38 (577x600) 2008-01-01 13.34.04 (600x569) IMG_1799 (600x502) IMG_1813 (600x475) IMG_1814 (450x600) IMG_1817 (464x600) IMG_1820 (450x600) IMG_1800 (450x600) IMG_1809 (600x531) IMG_1810 (521x600) 2008-01-01 13.30.42 (564x600) 2008-01-01 13.31.10 (600x402) 2008-01-01 13.31.41-2 (600x593) 2008-01-01 13.34.13 (Ruth Goddard's conflicted copy 2018-04-29) (600x422) 2008-01-01 13.25.13-2 (600x393) 2008-01-01 13.27.36-2 (600x558) 2008-01-01 13.28.08 (600x575) 2008-01-01 13.29.21 (600x402) 2008-01-01 13.30.20 (600x402)

Cardinia Reservoir, April 8 2018

2018-04-07 12.51.01 (600x360) 2018-04-07 13.03.10 (442x600) 2018-04-07 13.33.50 (403x600) 2018-04-07 12.23.11 (600x500) 2018-04-07 12.23.16 (600x367) 2018-04-07 13.21.58 (600x512) 2018-04-07 13.34.50-1 (600x547)