Introducing MelBushO

What is MelbushO?

Bush Orienteering near Melbourne, typically in large parks with bushland, such as Plenty Gorge Park, Woodlands Historic Park, Candlebark Park, Cardinia Reservoir Park.

What is the aim of MelbushO?

To provide some bush orienteering near Melbourne for newcomers and other orienteers.

What time?

Starts are from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.  There is no need to pre-register, just come along on the day.

Entry fees?

Adult $10 or junior $5. Family maximum $25. Map provided. Compass and special SportIdent electronic timing card available for loan.

When are the events?

Sunday mornings, between April and September. Click here for dates and directions

Who can come?

Anyone of any age who can walk or run for 2km at least.

What will you need?

Long pants, shoes with some grip, money for entry fee, water.

What will be provided at the event?

A map will be prepared showing the course, and a plastic bag to protect the map is provided.

Available for loan– compasses, SportIdent electronic timing cards.

What is a SportIdent card?

An electronic card which you carry on your finger and use to register that you have visited a control.

What is an orienteering control?

A coloured flag and a numbered box which is placed at a particular place on the map. You will be given the position of the controls on your map and you will be required to travel from one control to the next until you have completed your course.

What is an orienteering course?

A series of controls making a loop from the start to the finish. You will have four courses to choose from ranging in length from 2 to 6 km and three levels of difficulty in navigation.

Which course do I choose?

If you have not done any bush orienteering before it would be good to start with the course with easy navigation. You will be given tracks, fences or creeks to follow. You will get used to the symbols on the map.

Who does moderate navigation?

Anyone who would like a bit more of a challenge than the easy course. The features will be obvious and you may need to be able to read contours to tell whether you are going up or down.

Who does hard navigation?

More experienced orienteers who can read contours and can understand the map information.

Can I do more than one course?

You can do more than one course for no extra charge. It would be best to try something too easy and then go on to a harder course, rather than spend hours trying to find your way around something that is too hard.

Can I get some help?

There will be club helpers to provide instruction and even to go out to start you on  your course.  They can also talk through your course after you have finished. Look for people wearing orange caps.

What happens if I get lost?

At the start, the thought of getting lost can be a bit worrying. However, all orienteers have had times when they have had to find their way out of a ‘lost’ situation and in the process have learnt a lot about orienteering.

How long will it take to do a course?

There are hares and tortoises. Some hares can take much longer than the tortoise because they run and forget to navigate. The event will close at 1:30pm and people are required to report back to the finish to say they are safe.